Decorating kids’ rooms with a splash of school colours

A recurrent task of repainting kids’ rooms can be more fun than a basic chore when it involves trying out imaginative ways to do it. Giving a personal touch to your self-defined color scheme gives a whole new meaning to DIY aka Do-It-Yourself painting. It could be the best way to inspire the interests of […]

Colour Psychology: Keeping Employees Happy and Productive

Happy employees are the best employees. If you understand colour psychology, you will be able to create the environment motivating employees and for better productivity. Productivity Green is associated with creativity and broader thinking. Not only is green a good colour for work areas and boardrooms, it is also a good choice for getting those […]

Six Questions To Help You Make Important Paint Decisions

If you are all set to choose the right paint here are some questions that will help you narrow down your choices: Are you sensitive to the “Paint Smell”? Some people like the smell of fresh paint but if that’s not you, then you should absolutely skip the oil-based paints. Instead, choose the water-based latex […]

Four Factors that Decide Your Repainting Schedule

If you are thinking about painting the exterior of your house, there are some factors that you should keep in mind: Material The material used on the outside can help you maintain different repaint schedules. Wood Siding: If the exterior is wood, repainting every four to seven years is a good idea. Aluminium Siding: For […]

Four Ways to Remove those Obnoxious Smudges from Walls

Smudge and fingerprints tend to form on paint surfaces over a period of time. They can ruin the interior décor a room if you do not take appropriate action at the right time. High sheen finishes respond well to simple cleaning. The resins present in these paints form a layer that can be easily washed. […]