Colour Psychology: Keeping Employees Happy and Productive

Happy employees are the best employees. If you understand colour psychology, you will be able to create the environment motivating employees and for better productivity.

Green is associated with creativity and broader thinking. Not only is green a good colour for work areas and boardrooms, it is also a good choice for getting those creative juices needed for innovation.

At Ease
No one wants to work in a stressful workplace. To remove that stress and replace it with tranquillity, blue is the way to go. Blue decreases the heart rate creating a sense of calm in the body. Additionally, blue encourages social gathering and grouping, which is perfect for teamwork.

Good Value
Orange creates communication especially facilitating communication between customers and your products. This is so because orange is seen as a colour with good value.

Avoid Tension and Anger
For office environments, red should stay out. Red is a colour associated with anger, untidiness, and even aggression. Although it is a bold colour, it can get the heart going and push up the blood pressure. In workplaces, red can trigger conflicts and even tensed relationships. However, if your workplace requires attentive work and physical activity, red can be used as an accent.

Improving Efficiency
Shades of blue and green are associated with calm, efficiency, and better focus. So if you want your employees to keep the deadlines, these shades will bring the best results. This is especially crucial if your employees have to work longer hours. Blue and green shades bring heart rates near to the resting heart rate while also reducing anxiety.

Avoiding Sadness
A study conducted by the University of Texas has found that men and women feel depressed and sad under different colour settings. Women experienced sad feelings when they worked in white and beige work environments while men said the same of orange and purple spaces.

Adding Innovation
Creativity and innovation are essential in some workplaces. To promote this, colour psychology suggests to keeping yellow shades; yellow is commonly considered to be a happy colour producing optimism and energy.

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