Decorating kids’ rooms with a splash of school colours

A recurrent task of repainting kids’ rooms can be more fun than a basic chore when it involves trying out imaginative ways to do it.

Giving a personal touch to your self-defined color scheme gives a whole new meaning to DIY aka Do-It-Yourself painting. It could be the best way to inspire the interests of your children in school studies and sports.

A good paint scheme could be gathered from the traditional colors of your children’s schools. It makes painting more relatable for them and leaves more room for creativity.

Plethora of options are available to do this. The walls may have one color and the trim may be painted with a different color. Or, an accent wall can be made and painted, while reserving another hue for other three walls. Trying an alternative stripes scheme on one or other walls matching that with the schools’, can be a novel way. You can be ambitious and apply school colors in alternating stripes on one or several walls. Or, a panelled “school spirit” door in a colorful pattern can be painted.

Probably painting a single furniture item like a chair in the school colors can be fruitful. A homage can be paid to the home team, by giving the wanted hues and uncompromising aesthetics.

A study table or area is a good place to apply school colors at, reminding today’s children that books are still their best friends, perhaps more than baton twirling, baseball or basketball. And, if at any point in time of your child’s school life, he/s moves to a campus, the painted piece of furniture can go along and feel at home at the dorm.

If you feel that coloring your interiors with school color scheme is going too overboard, try coloring your outdoors/ outdoor furniture. 

Being playful and creative with painting the mailbox, a fence (in alternate colors may be), a hoisting banner can be other ways of engaging children.

Coaxing kids is not easy, but this fun task will definitely spare you the effort of cajoling them, as they will have a scattered canvas to depict their creativity. 

Now, that’s what we call a Playful idea!

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