Four Ways to Remove those Obnoxious Smudges from Walls

Smudge and fingerprints tend to form on paint surfaces over a period of time. They can ruin the interior décor a room if you do not take appropriate action at the right time. High sheen finishes respond well to simple cleaning. The resins present in these paints form a layer that can be easily washed. Flat paints, however, are a different story altogether. If you try to clean stains from a wall painted with flat paints, you could easily remove the paint. Therefore, removing those fingerprint stains and smudge marks is a task that necessitates smart action.

1. Using Plain Water

Plain water remains the best mild cleaner that is available. Not only is it the safest option but it also can remove smudges , light stains and prints from a great many surfaces. Although when it comes to flat finishes, you need to be cautious. Because water requires rubbing, it could damage the flat paint layer. But for gloss and eggshell finishes, water is sufficient to clean. Additionally, you can try mixing some detergent powder to a small bucket of warm water. Use this solution to clean the wall. The emulsifying agents in the detergent can easily remove smudges and fingerprints.

2. Using Detergent Solution and Plain Water

For flat finishes, the best combination is to clean using soapy water. Rinse the surface with plain water afterwards. But make sure that you wipe the surface in a gentle top-to-bottom manner. Repeat the same procedure with plain water. Use a dishcloth to pat dry the wall but make sure that you do not use abrasive action while working on a flat painted surface.

3. Using Cleaning Agents

Some marks and smudges are tough guests. Plain water simply won’t cut the requirement. Try mixing diluted ammonia, refined vinegar, baking soda in water and use this solution to clean. But here is the trick; instead of using a regular dishcloth or cotton , use a non-abrasive cellulose sponge that would remove the marks easily. This solution works best for high sheen finishes.

4. Using Paint

If the disfiguration is very bad, the best option could be to repaint the wall or the room. Although this is the last resort, if you think you can no longer cover up or remove the marks, repainting may be the right thing to do.

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