Six Questions To Help You Make Important Paint Decisions

If you are all set to choose the right paint here are some questions that will help you narrow down your choices:

Are you sensitive to the “Paint Smell”?
Some people like the smell of fresh paint but if that’s not you, then you should absolutely skip the oil-based paints. Instead, choose the water-based latex paints. They are easy to clean and work well on the interior surfaces.

How much activity will happen in the painted room?
Rooms which are used very often are prone to accumulating grime. So, if the room will be used frequently in the future use a semi-gloss or gloss paint. These paints are easy to clean and resist stains well. However, if the room is only for limited use, choose any paint you like.

What atmosphere do you want in the room?
This is where you decide what kind of a room you see yourself living in. For cosy evenings spent with a book and coffee, use warm colours such as orange and yellow. However, if you want an airy and cool atmosphere, blues and greens will be the best choices.

Do you want the expanded room or small, cozy feel?
If the room is small and feels cramped to you, there is a way to alter its dimensions without a remodel project. Light paint colours work well to create the sense of expanse, airiness, and openness. On the contrary, dark hues make spaces small and comfortable.

Do you want to repaint anytime soon in the near future?
If no, then get a durable paint for the room, which will stay for a long period. The best choice would be to invest in a 100 percent acrylic latex paint that is highly durable and stays on for years.

Can you afford to spend too much time on the project?
If you have only a limited time, the task is to get the coatings done faster. Alternatively, you can use paint with primers that work well—giving two coatings for one. This way you will require only half the coatings thereby, getting the work over soon.

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