Kamdhenu paint



This is an anti-carbonation and anti-effloroscene coating with cement slurry or cement mortar form. The excellent long lasting protective and decorative coating with reputed cement coating is much better than virgin latex.
Highly waterproof cementations composite.
Excellent bonding to the most building materials.
Superb breathing



This compound is highly effective in reduction of permeability due to hydrostatic head pressure of capillary action. There is an improved surface finish and workability and a reduced shrinkage crack development.
New generation waterproofing-cum-super plasticizer
Higher strength and impermeability of concrete is greatly improved.
High-test possible water tightness achieved through lower w/c, thereby ensuring durability of concrete structure
With increased cohesion, segregation and bleeding are substantially reduced.
Improved pumpability and workability
Chloride free, safe in pre-stressed and re-enforced concrete



The coating is easy to use, non toxic and anti-corrosive to steel and safe on contact with drinking water. It has excellent resistance to water ingress from both positive and negative side.
Excellent adhesion with long durability
Non toxic, anti corrosive to steel and safe contact with driking water.
Excellent protection against carbonation, efflorescence and salt petering chloride attack.
High UV resistant and excellent breathability



The water proof coating for external walls is 2 times thicker than normal exterior paints. It is also UV and stain resistant.
Good binding of chalky and porous substrates.
Based on chemically inert polymer, hence suitable for higher alkaline substrates.
Provides deeper penetration that imparts excellent substrate adhesion
Provides excellent efflorescence resistance by blocking capillaries



The waterproof coating for external wall is 2 times thicker than normal exterior paints. It is also UV and stain resistant.

No water dilution at site
Higher binding property and more durability
Bridges cracks upto 0.5mm width
Anti-algae and anti-fungal
Low dirt pick up
Can be tinted as normal paint on machine



The coating is ready to use product with no protection required. It is excellent on UV restance and available in 3 colours, for controlled application & aesthetics.
Allow foot trafic
Bridges cracks upto 2mm wide
Re-waterproof existing water proofing systems like brickbat cobo, etc. Without breaking